Where does my refund for my purchase go if I used Alipay PH?

When a merchant/seller confirms your refund, Alipay PH will complete the processing of your refund. Please note it takes some time for the amount to be reflected in certain payment methods, refer to the table below:

Payment Method

Refund Destination


Credit Card/

Debit Card

Refunded to the Credit Card

3-5 working days OR

after 1 billing cycle, (depending on                   the issuing bank)

Alipay PH E-Money

Refunded back to the Alipay PH account balance


Store OTC (7-11)

Refunded back to the Alipay PH account balance


***In case you used a GUEST account, the refund for 7-Eleven transactions will be credited to a virtual wallet.

These are some estimated timeframe for refunds. Do note refund timeframe are applicable ONLY after the merchant has confirmed your refund.

If you wish to have the amount in your Alipay wallet refunded back to your bank account, please click here.

If you still have not received your refund even after your merchant has confirmed your refund, please submit a request and we will get back to your within 24 hours. 

Provide us your inquiry in the following format: 

  • Account Email ID:
  • Merchant Order No.:
  • Alipay PH Transaction ID: 
  • Refund Amount:
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