How do you get your Alipay PH refund for your purchase?

Alipay PH acts as a virtual wallet for you, and as a payment processor for our merchants. We make it super easy for you to pay securely with a variety of options and super convenient for the merchant accept online payments easily. 

Refunds at Alipay PH work just like they do in real life - when you want a refund from a store you've bought something from, you go back to the store to demand a refund or an exchange for a defective good.

Similarly, when you want a refund from a purchase you made using Alipay PH, ONLY the merchant/seller/online store where you made the purchase can authorize the refund. Alipay PH just makes sure the refunded amount is safely and securely transferred back to your account

So please reach out to the seller to request a refund on a purchase you made and Alipay PH will ensure you get your money back! 


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